IZE Gili

IZE Gili is located on one of the most famous islands in Indonesia, Gili Trawangan, the big idea of design was never to compete with nature, but to complement it

IZE Gili terletak disalah satu pulau paling terkenal di Indonesia, Gili Trawangan, ide besar dari desain adalah tidak untuk bersaing dengan alam, namun untuk melengkapinya

Illustration explaination :
The Illustration that i made is the result of my opinion from the side that is not conveyed either in a story or visual manner.
The illustration in IZE Gili tells of a celebration of tropical atmosphere and an exploration of happiness.
I see that the arrangement of patterns in the hotel rooms is the way the architect creates stories, and a feel of explore the space like in “Pacman” game. By placing several works of art in every corner, visitors can enjoy or even not enjoying the artwork that they found during the exploration. Like in the “Pacman”, either you afraid of the ghosts, or even the ghosts who is afraid of you. Whether you like it or not, the story is hidden in an amazing environment.